Mr Harmony

Curtis was born in the hills of East Tennessee on Jan 9th. He began his professional career performing on the Tennessee Barn Dance in Knoxville, Tennessee with his high school friend, Delmar Loveday. From 1962-1969 he worked at WATE TV, Channel 6 in Knoxville as a cameraman and projectionist. During this time, Curtis also performed on 3 TV shows each week, plus weekend engagements as lead singer with the KOUNTRY KINGS band.

In 1969 L. E. White, a songwriter friend, told him of a position as bass player and singer with a “Grand Ole Opry” group, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper. Curtis moved to Nashville and became a regular with the “Coopers.” He quickly advanced into recording sessions, playing bass, rhythm guitar, and singing harmony. He also began doing radio and television commercials. In 1973, Curtis did a demo of a song for a movie theme. The demo was chosen, and so was Curtis. He was flown to Hollywood to sing the theme song for Robby Benson’s first movie “Jory.” Also starring, was B.J. Thomas and John Marley. After about three years with the “Coopers,” Curtis worked the road on weekends playing bass and singing for Chet Atkins.

In 1979 he was called to work with one of the Grand Ole Opry’s long-time members, Vic Willis of the famed Willis Brothers. With the passing of Guy Willis, The Vic Willis Trio evolved, putting Curtis in the spotlight as the lead singer. Curtis worked with the “Trio” for 6 years but kept his recording status with other major artists.

In 1984, Curtis was called to audition for a part in the Patsy Cline movie “SWEET DREAMS”, starring Jessica Lange and Ed Harris. He got the part and played the role of lead guitar player in Patsy’s road band and sang a solo with a full screen close-up.

CURTIS YOUNG was voted #1 vocalist in the 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996 & 1998 “Top Ten Album All Stars” by Nashville’s “Music Row Magazine”…for singing on over EIGHTY Top 10 albums. In 1992, Curtis was on more top ten albums than any other singer or musician in Nashville.

In April 2000 with the passing of Neal Matthews (of the world famous Jordanaires,) Curtis was asked to join the group as second tenor and lead singer. In awe of having the opportunity to be a part of such a prestigious quartet, Curtis graciously accepted and is now touring and recording as an official Jordanaire.

The Jordanaires are members of the “Gospel Hall of Fame”, “Rockabilly Hall of Fame”, and on October 4th 2001, they were inducted into the “Country Music Hall of Fame”. The Jordanaires also won a Grammy in 2002 for best Southern Gospel Album a tribute to James Blackwood, and in 2003 they received the “Golden Voice Award” and the “Sun Records Lifetime Achievement Award.” They’re still touring and recording, so be on the lookout for more things to come from Curtis Young & The Jordanaires.